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Little Honker Saves the Day

Warren’s meow is a honk.

He doesn’t sound like his Seal Point Siamese family or look like them. His brothers and sisters will not play kitty games with him. And, then, on a backyard adventure things change. He saves his family from an unwanted visitor and his honking is important after all.

Praise for Saves the Day


I love the message of this book!  Warren's mother tells him he will be important in his own way, and he is.  It's a great way to talk about differences and talents.  Warren the cat is unqiue and heroic.  Highly recommend this book for ages 6-8.

-Marissa Frost,

Educator, Denver, CO

It pays to be different sometimes is a good message.  My granddaughters -- all cat lovers--loved this oh-so-sweet tale.  I recommend this book.

-Alice Weeda,

Educator, Denver, CO



Little Honker's Backyard Adventure

Can a cat have magical powers?

Are cats able to predict a future event?


From Egyptian times to the present, cats in many cultures are considered both lucky and magical. Is Little Honker one of those magical cats? Little Honker seems to have some magical powers and predicts an upcoming event.

Praise for Backyard Adventures

A great book for animal lovers of all ages.  It is educational as well as entertaining.  Once you start reading, you can't pt it down!  Extremely enjoyable.

-Margie Smith,

Music Instructor, Denton, Nebraska

Warren's latest adventure with the newest residents and neighbors of his backyard will resonate with anyone still searching for his or her "tribe".  Finding the people that you share things with is a challenge, but Warren takes that challenge and makes it look easy.  You don't have to be just like your friends, but if you have one thing in common with each other, you have the seed to make a friendship grow.  Find that one thing!

-Staci Day,

Elementary School Educator



Would you like a Scarlet Stripled Schinkler

A Scarlet Striped Schinkler likes swimming, sailing, swinging, and sliding—but it never likes seesawing. Read along as the Scarlet Striped Schinkler figures out things he likes and dislikes with fun-sounding “s” words! The wacky and colorful illustrations will keep kids engaged as they learn new words, alliteration, and that it’s okay to like what they like!



Margie Surprises Doc

Can an opossum become a member of Doc's yard family?  She has poor vision and hearing, is a fighter, but has a good heart.  All of Doc's yard family want to give him something for his birthday.  What will Olivia give him?  (My addition)  Enjoy the fun and entertainment book complete with facts.  The skunk kits entertain the reader with their games as well as share facts about their breed.  And, Olivia lets the reader what she can and cannot do. 


Praise for Margie Surprises Doc

This is super cute and I like the new addition of Olivia.  The musical bit reminded me of the Little Honker books.  Perhaps a crossover is in the future!  The kits are funny.  Makes me wonder if Doc will make glasses for them as well as Olivia.

-Staci Day, elementary educator, Aurora, CO

I read this with my little sister and loved the whole story, but as an athlete, I loved skunk soccer the most.  It was so fun and entertaining.

-Garrett Dulany, high school student, Wellington, CO

I liked the characters and their fun, stinky names.  I also liked the way that the animals seemed like people.  I loved how the animals were a family.

-Izze Younkerman, elementary student, Highlands Ranch, CO



Little Honker's Winter Concert

Can a cat play music at a school concert? 


Little Honker can and did. First he plays a duet and then the bells with the rest of the band. When the bells get loose, the kitty inside him takes over and the excitement begins as Little Honker chases them around the auditorium. Did Little Honker ruin the concert or make it the most memorable one ever?

Praise for Winter Concert

Warren is back!  How fun.  I'm a Vet Tech and play the piano, so my son and I especially enjoyed Little Honker's desire for music.  He has the perfect cat-titude.

-Tammi Schwart,

Vet Tech, Aurora, CO

What a cute story!  My daughter and I read this together and love it.  The message that being a little bit different and following your passion is a great one for kids of all ages.

-Kristin Dulany,

Nurse, Wellington, CO



Little Honker's Patriotic Paws

What could a polydactyl cat add to the Swinging Tails band?

Bongos, of course! Jack moves from Key West to Little Honker’s neighborhood and discovers his love of music can continue when the Tails invite him to join their band. The band gives a pawsome dream performance during the Independence Day celebration and then an unusual flare makes this celebration a day never to be forgotten!



Would you like a Whiskered Wogler

A Whiskered Wogler likes water skiing, washboard-playing, wagon rides, and water polo. They even like wreath-making, woodwind playing, worm digging, and wool weaving. Read along as a Whiskered Wogler tries many things and shows you what they like and don’t like in this story filled with fun and hilarious alliteration!

Praise for Wogler

White's whimsical, wandering Whiskered Wogler seems devoted to all things beginning with the letter W.  Kids will have a grand time following along as the Whiskered Wogler shares all the delightful foods that conform to his alliterative rules with them.  The book teaches kids alliteration and shows them how to have fun exploring language.  Gaspar Sabater's droll and funny Wogler fits the story perfectly.  This is both fun and educational, and it's most highly recommended..

-Five star review by Jack Magnus for Readers' Choice

A fun Book for Children -- As the title asked, "Would You Like a Whiskered Wogler?" my answer would have to be a resounding yes.  The alliterative text and colorful animated illustrations make this a fun book to share.  Any child would be entertained without realizing  that they are picking up some vocabulary along the way.  -Fred Sternburg



Little Honker and the Swinging Tails

Can a cat really start his own band? Warren the Honking Cat decides to do just that, and Little Honker and the Swinging Tails is born...but not without some surprises.

Praise for Swinging Tails


This is a PURRfectly adorable story that young readers will love.  It's fun to imagine cats creating the 'Sound of Mew-zic!

 -M J. Evans,

Award-wining author of The Centaur Chronicles

Virginia White gives her readers the opportunity to celebrate Warren's uniqueness.  This special cat has paws that march to the beat of a different drummer.  The story of how Warren's love of music earns him a band of his own has messages of appreciation and sharing that are valuable for young readers.

-Lauren Sternburg,

Educator, Englewood, CO



Glasses for Margie

Warren’s meow is a honk.

He doesn’t sound like his Seal Point Siamese family or look like them. His brothers and sisters will not play kitty games with him. And, then, on a backyard adventure things change. He saves his family from an unwanted visitor and his honking is important after all.

Praise for Glasses for Margie

I really liked this story.  It moved me and made me wish I could live in Doc's yard with all those lovely animals.  And, my nine-year-old daughter fell in love with Margie.

-Gaspar Sabater,

Illustrator and Cartoonist, Argentina

This is a fun story for children who love animals.  You can tell the author does.  The animals are curious, described specifically, and enjoy using their imaginations.

-Gay Nelson,

Elementary teacher, Lincoln, Nebraska



Would you like a Giant Ginger Garbula?

A Giant Ginger Garbula likes globe-trotting, gondola riding, gargoyle searching and gem gathering.  They even like to gallivant, gallop, guffaw, and guzzle! Read this fun tongue twister and laugh as a Giant Ginger Garbula shows you colorful places and tries different things.