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Mixing Up Some Happiness

During COVID, our family decided to tackle Depression Era recipes.  We called them anti-Depression.  These were recipes to cheer ourselves up.


How will you remember the year 2020?  From quarantine to wildfires, hurricanes, and political arguments, our world seemed to be shredding itself apart.  In an attempt to bring a bit of happiness into our lives, many people stirred up some happiness in their kitchens.  Family favorite recipes and memories of why those foods were enjoyed took hold.  One day when I was mixing  up now known as "Grandma Cookies" in my own kitchen to bring a bit of happiness into our home, the idea occurred to me that others might probably had favorites of their own and might like to share.  There was an overwhelmingly positive response to my request.  As a result, this book is a collection of family favorite recipes across the miles and years.


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