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My Feline Inspiration

My husband gave me a female Seal Point Siamese cat for a wedding gift.  A few months later, he gave me a male Seal Point Siamese cat. A few months after that, six kittens were born on our bed.  Cats have been a huge part of our lives for over 50 years. When we lost our Gabby, we felt lost. Our daughter, Kari, said “There is a way to fix that!”  And so we did. We rescued three cats from FUR the Love of Paws and our lives have been filled with adventures since. Sprite gave birth to six kittens in the rescue facility and all were named after sodas.  We adopted Sprite and Fanta plus Willy who fell in love with the girls at FUR. Their story became a part of Little Honker’s Backyard Adventures.  I also had fun adding my grandkids who were very much a part of this as well.  

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