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Looking Through the Rearview Mirror and to the Road Ahead

How does a struggling young reader end up constantly reading?  What’s more, how does this struggling young reader end up as an author?  Love of stories and determination make that happen. 

What are my current writing projects?  First of all, I want to finish Thorns, Thistles, and Love, my great grandmother’s pioneer journey through Kansas and Nebraska. It has been a labor of love and a huge learning curve for me.

Secondly, launching Paxton Plays the Piccolo, a picture book that my oldest daughter and I wrote, is what we both are eager to see.  It should be out soon.  A portion of the sales will go to the Larimer County Animal Shelter.

Thirdly, I am wrestling with a few ideas for a Tulip’s Disappearing Act sequel, a new Little Honker book, or using a few memory sketches from Anna’s story for kids.   As usual, I keep thinking of “what about” possibilities.

Will I write additional creative nonfiction stories?  That is an excellent question.  I do have some ideas rolling around in my mind right now, but nothing has grabbed me as an “you really need to do this” idea. Generally when this happens, I jot ideas down and let them simmer for a while.  Sometimes it takes quite a while before I come back to them.  There is usually another event that eventually happens and I end up putting the ideas together in some way, eager to see what will happen. 

Reading wonderful Colorado authors inspires me!  This state is wrapped in talent and I feel fortunate to be a part of such an amazing group.  Because I am constantly reading and writing, I seek out this state’s talent to inspire me. 

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Winner of CAL's Summer Reading Contest:

Virginia White
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