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2020--Cleaning Out to Moving On

I'm a mover. I don't sit still well. I can't let my mind rest easy. That's the way I'm wired.

I was homebound during 2020 for more reasons than the pandemic. My emotional and mental well-being flourished as I created in my garden and on paper. The flowers pleased me. My mind was working not just to please me, but to please my young readers.

I used some time to dig through old pictures and the memories swelled in my mind and heart. Ideas for new stories jumped into my brain and ended up on paper. I created a new character for kids by reflecting on old memories.

The world around me came to a stand-still as we have known it. In my space inside, I created a new and exciting world for me and, hopefully, young readers.

Fanta is pictured above. She feels obligated to assist me at all times. Digging through things is something she has mastered in the almost four years she has been with us. As always, she is ready to give me future ideas for a new book.

Stay tuned for an update on this new character -- Tulip! She is unusual and very fun. Full of surprises.

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