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Animals Surprise Us

Updated: May 20, 2020

I didn't think this book would ever happen. After I wrote Glasses for Margie, my readers asked for a sequel. After all, the last thing in Glasses is "Whatever will I do?" and Doc has six skunks in his yard. I tried so many times to get the right approach to the sequel and nothing clicked! Then I found Olivia. Well, she wasn't Olivia when I found her, but I named her that after I decided an opossum would be the perfect addition to the yard family. Opossums are like skunks in that they can't see well and they are indeed Nature's little vacuum cleaners. Their ability to smell is keen and let's face it, they must have something going for them because they have been around since the dinosaurs. I thought this would be a perfect lesson for kids. Plus, skunk kits have no control over their perfume special and they are not very coordinated and are attempting to figure those skills out like any young one. I had so much fun writing about the skunk games and Olivia "hornswoggling" Doc. I hope my young readers have as much fun reading it as I did writing it. Heads up--I have developed a companion/teacher resource for this book.

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