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Fanta to the Rescue

Continuing my inspiration for my Little Honker series, I have to say that the seed of the idea for Backyard Adventures rested in a folder for a long time. I could NOT get Little Honker out of the pond. I asked for suggestions from various people and he was still there! Then one summer my youngest granddaughter spent much of her summer with us. We had just adopted three rescue cats. Fanta, the youngest one and the one pictured here, decided to jump into the bubble bath with our granddaughter. She wasn't fond of the bubble bath, but she LOVES water. So, I thought this is perfect. she can save Little Honker in the pond. I put all the rescue cats and out grandkids in that book. Then I decided to draw on a little cat history back as far as the Egyptians and Little Honker has some magical powers.

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