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Kari and Warren Save the Day

The next question asked in my interview was "Wwhere did you get your ideas for the Little Honker Series?

Great question and one I've been asked many times. Discovering treasures in boxes when we decided to move turned out to be pretty exciting. When our youngest daughter, Kari, was in third grade she wrote a story called" Warren the Honking Cat." I remembered that story and asked her if I could borrow some ideas for my own story. She said yes and after numerous attempts, Little Honker was born. I asked my husband for some ideas and when it comes to animals, he always has great ideas. Since his dad was a veterinarian, there were always animals around the house and in the yard. When we got married, he gave me a Siamese cat for a wedding present and the fun began. We had Siamese cats for years and two of them used to assist the girls when they practiced the piano, flute, and Saxophone. I recalled Loai, our Siamese mom and Cass, our Siamese dad having six kittens on our bed. Those ideas assisted me in Saves the Day. None of those kitties were alike and all very creative. My husband gave me the idea for the skunk in Saves the Day and Nick and Spook gave me the ideas for fun things cants can do in Winter Concert. Every time I did a storytelling at an elementary school, the kids ask me what he was going to do next. So, I asked them what he should do. The idea for Swinging Tails came from a third grader at Indian Ridge Elementary and I was off again.

More to come!

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