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Local Book Stores

I’d like to talk a bit about local bookstores. I was asked a few days ago to be featured as favorite author at a new local bookstore not too far from me. I love local bookstores. They are the best! They are the heart of the community. They understand the needs of the community and cater to it.

When I discovered this new community bookstore, I could hardly wait to visit! And, when I arrived and discovered they featured local authors in a special bookcase, I was thrilled. An entire bookcase was devoted to local authors and I was told they planned to expand. How cool is that? Thank you Books Are Awesome bookstore. Your name says it all. As a new local author, I have discovered the huge challenge of becoming noticed. I was a high school English teacher for 40 years and hoped to follow my dream of writing for young readers when I retired. I taught Creative Writing and always wrote with my students. Children’s literature has been a passion of mine since my undergraduate days. The love of writing has been strong with me since junior high. The publishing desire has been there since college. The reality could not start until I retired. The marketing part has been the biggest challenge I have ever had! That’s why I was thrilled to find Books Are Awesome Bookstore. Not only do they feature the community’s desires and support local authors, but they are starting book clubs for so many age groups. Be still my heart! Thank you Books Are Awesome for supporting local authors. We love you, need you, and appreciate you. Featured in the photo are my books. My critter books are a different kind of alphabet book and each critter is a different letter. The books take the readers on adventures using that letter – it’s alliteration fun. I wrote two Margie books about a myopic skunk who gets glasses and then plans a surprise for Doc. I have 5 Little Honker books about a Siamese cat who can’t meow but honks. His musical talent enables him to start his own band.

Thank you Books Are Awesome book store and all local bookstores. You are so important to local authors and the community!

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