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Glasses for Margie

I really liked this story.  It moved me and made me wish I could live in Doc's yard with all those lovely animals.  And, my nine-year-old daughter fell in love with Margie.

Gaspar Sabater

Illustrator and Cartoonist, Argentina

This is a fun story for children who love animals.  You can tell the author does.  The animals are curious, described specifically, and enjoy using their imaginations.

Gay Nelson

Elementary teacher, Lincoln, Nebraska

Saves the Day

I love the message of this book!  Warren's mother tells him he will be important in his own way, and he is.  It's a great way to talk about differences and talents.  Warren the cat is unqiue and heroic.  Highly recommend this book for ages 6-8.

Marissa Frost

Educator, Denver, CO

It pays to be different sometimes is a good message.  My granddaughters -- all cat lovers--loved this oh-so-sweet tale.  I recommend this book.

Alice Weeda

Educator, Denver, CO

Winter Concert

Warren is back!  How fun.  I'm a Vet Tech and play the piano, so my son and I especially enjoyed Little Honker's desire for music.  He has the perfect cat-titude.

Tammi Schwart

Vet Tech, Aurora, CO

What a cute story!  My daughter and I read this together and love it.  The message that being a little bit different and following your passion is a great one for kids of all ages.

Kristin Dulany

Nurse, Wellington, CO

Swinging Tails

This is a PURRfectly adorable story that young readers will love.  It's fun to imagine cats creating the 'Sound of Mew-zic!

 M J. Evans

Award-wining author of The Centaur Chronicles

Virginia White gives her readers the opportunity to celebrate Warren's uniqueness.  This special cat has paws that march to the beat of a different drummer.  The story of how Warren's love of music earns him a band of his own has messages of appreciation and sharing that are valuable for young readers.

Lauren Sternburg

Educator, Englewood, CO

Backyard Adventures

A great book for animal lovers of all ages.  It is educational as well as entertaining.  Once you start reading, you can't pt it down!  Extremely enjoyable.

Margie Smith

Music Instructor, Denton, Nebraska

Warren's latest adventure with the newest residents and neighbors of his backyard will resonate with anyone still searching for his or her "tribe".  Finding the people that you share things with is a challenge, but Warren takes that challenge and makes it look easy.  You don't have to be just like your friends, but if you have one thing in common with each other, you have the seed to make a friendship grow.  Find that one thing!

Staci Day

Elementary School Educator

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